Just a small sample of comments from some of our recent models.

Aysa Hayleigh

Aysa Hayleigh

Where do I start when it comes to going away on an Ibiza trip with creative instincts ( Glenn Wallace and Amber Rickard,

I’ve not been modelling long, just over a year an half. I have to say I can not thank these two enough for all the effort and hard work they put in to doing these trips. It’s phenomenal from the get go.

From the minuet I was picked up from the airport I was made to feel really welcome. It’s so amazing getting to meet so many lovely new people, getting to see others work their magic in front of the gave me a real buzz.

It’s the first time I’ve ever worked with Both Glenn and Amber, they are totally professional and really helpful when it comes to getting the best of your images. I’ve fallen in love with all of mine so far, to the point I’m looking at them thinking “ my boyfriend is a lucky man”

I highly recommend working with Creative instincts of you haven’t already, I already can’t wait work with him again in the future, whether it be on other trips or even here in the uk because the work he produces is absolutely outstanding, deserves some kind of trophy or maybe even a crown for amount of effort that’s put in to give each and every model images that they will love for eternity.

Aysa Hayleigh xx

Aysa Hayleigh
Jordan Melissa

Jordan Melissa

I had my first shoot with Glenn a couple of weeks ago and wow what a memorable shoot it was.

From me and another model setting off to Wales to find a place that we couldn’t even pronounce, well the adventure began there and oh my god was it all worth it!

We had the shoot in an abandoned quarry, Glenn was professional, friendly, bubbly, energetic, full of ideas, motivating and basically everything you’d want in a Photographer!

I think me and Glenn worked really well as a team and the screenshots look amazing, can’t wait to see the end results, I just know how insane they’ll be, can’t wait to shoot again 1000% recommended.


Jordan Melissa
Rachel Downes

Rachel Downes

I organised a shoot with Glenn after seeing his work around the internet and HOLY WOW, I was not disappointed with any of the images we created.

We shot in a beautiful apartment in Manchester, which featured a purple bedroom with ensuite, an open lounge, dining area and kitchen space, and a wonderful modern ladder that leads to a second bedroom. It also had a large open courtyard space (in hindsight, would have been awesome for some urban ballet/drone work!)

Glenn is an incredibly down to earth man. He is a very laid back man, but his work speaks loud and clear. Glenn is kind, open and chatty, and incredibly hard working. It is clear that he will do whatever he can get the absolute perfect shot.

We worked with an assistant, a friend of Glenns, Thushara, who was lead lighting man. Thushara was a total joy to meet and was a pleasure to work with. He is a joyful man, who is just as laid back, yet just as hard-working, as Glenn. They make an absolute dream team together and were both so fun to work with.

I can honestly not recommend Glenn enough. His communication skills are absolutely phenomenal, he is more than happy to reply to a message late at night or will get back to you as soon as he possibly can in the morning if needs be. He is fabulous at giving direction, but also gave myself a lot of creative freedom to pose how I wanted.

If you get the chance to just even spend 20 minutes shooting with this man – TAKE IT!! you will not regret it!

Thank you so much, Glenn. I can’t wait till next time. x


Rachel Downes
Lorran Rainey

Lorran Rainey

Had my first ever shoot with Glenn last month, he was such a lovely man with a very professional manner, he helped me with poses and gave me confidence telling me I was doing really well!

I recently have added my photos to purple port and have had an amazing response to them, I have had many photographers wanting to work with me!

This has been a dream of mine for a long time and Glenn has made this happen, I couldn’t be happier and I am so glad I did this shoot.

I couldn’t recommend him enough!


Lorran Rainey

I’m about to get a hell load of soppy which is a rarity so brace yourselves.

I’m currently on my coach home writing this hoping I don’t start bawling my eyes out 😂 but basically I can’t even express how I am feeling after literally the most life changing experience in Ibiza with Glenn Wallace and Amber Rickard and the girls!!
I had once never thought in a million years I would even get on a plane let alone make the decision that one day I will not only fly by myself but spend days with a bunch of girls I have never even met before!! I literally put myself in a position where I was totally out of my comfort zone and the anxiety I felt prior to going was crazy that I had thought about cancelling my shoot in Ibiza.

I AM SO BLOODY GLAD THAT I DIDN’T!! Strangely I had ZERO anxiety and felt the most content I’ve ever been in my life!

To literally feel a million dollars, providing confidence in everyone and like you can literally achieve anything in life. That’s what you have done for me. I am no longer afraid to step outside my comfort zone and I know that whatever I want in life I can go get it! I don’t need anyone to do it with me or to hold my hand and you helped me to see that. I love you both so much & I can’t wait for endless trips with you from now!


Alex Van Zeelandt

I would like to take this moment to say the ultimate photo event that I’ve ever been to was Greece run by Glenn Wallace and Amber Rickard. I cant thank you both enough for the experience of a life time. It’s hard for me to precisely explain just how beautiful Mykonos is, and or the photos that were created while there. We could not of had a better team.

If some of you wonder why I won’t be releasing a lot of them it’s because they are going to major magazine submissions like French Vogue and US Playboy, but I will select a few for posting just because they are THAT good.

Alex Van Zeelandt
Georgia Cook

Georgia Cook

I had an amazing first shoot with Glenn.

And when I say ‘first’ I mean first ever!

Glenn was amazing at directions and made me feel so comfortable I would recommend it to anyone who is thinking of doing the trips or locations shoots if you are experienced or completely new to the world of modelling.

The Ibiza trip was one that I will never forget where everyone made me feel super welcome and with no hierarchy what so ever. The photos were incredible I just wish I could have had them all!

Amazing experience, amazing photos and just such a lovely, genuine guy.

Will definitely see you again soon.

Georgia Cook
Becci Grant

Becci Grant

Had the privilege of working with Glenn twice now. Went to Ibiza and had the most amazing time and got some of my best images to date.

Not only is he completely professional he is the nicest guy and now a friend. He knows what will work and knows what won’t. He will do everything in his power to boost your social media presence and get you published.

It was Glenn’s images that got me signed with a modelling agency in the USA. Could not recommend enough and I also made some lifelong friends.

I just want to go on all of these trips now. So thank you very much 🖤


Becci Grant
Doey Ragbourne

Doey Ragbourne

I had my first shoot with Glen the other week, it was such an amazing experience.

He really is such a great photographer, I loved every single photo straight off the back of the camera and that is definitely a first!

This was my first shoot coming back into modelling and honestly, it really gave me a lot of confidence, I can’t wait to shoot with him again on one of his trips!

Highly recommended!


Doey Ragbourne

It has taken me two full days to find the words to write this post 😂 I’m exhausted, aching from head to toe and my brain has definitely been fried by that sun! Ibiza 2019 let’s try and do you justice…

Glenn, once again you have smashed it out of the park. Risking, life, limb and God knows how many pairs of trousers to get THE SHOT. I need a holiday after those three days so good luck to you for the next 2 groups! You really took it to another level in Ibiza, and I am so glad I took the opportunity to go, you made it every ounce the amazing trip that it was!
Amber, for all your work behind the scenes, the airport runs, the planning, not scratching our eyes out when we came in at 3am drunken conga-ing through your room hunting for Glenn 😂😂

Thank you for everything.

Girls and Glennda, I LOVE YOU

Time to bare all..

It’s gonna be a long one, congrats to anyone who makes it to the end😁
The last 6 month’s I’ve been on a fuckin long ass journey to find who I am. I’ve pulled myself apart every single day, to rebuild me. The happy me.
I’ve pulled myself away from everyone, learnt to enjoy my own company and to listen to my body when it’s struggling. Anyone who knows me well, knows I struggle to just relax.
I booked my trip with Glenn to Ibiza back before Christmas, I’ve thought about cancelling at least 20 times. I even emailed to cancel and then Chloe booked the flights. So, that was it I was definitely going.

I’ve spent the last month so worried about the photoshoots, that I wouldn’t be any good or I’d hate my photos.
Then I arrived at the villa, well all the sorry just left. I felt complete and soo content with myself.

For the first time in a long time I felt at home and so proud of myself. I modelled as a child, shooting as an adult is a whole new experience.
Anyone wanting to do something for them, please get in contact with Glenn Wallace. He is is beyond amazing!

Thank you to each of you, you’ve helped me more than you’ll ever know.
Barcelona next🇪🇸

Roll on the reunion!🎉